Shipping Schedules

Ground freight (partial and small shipments)*

Country of OriginWeek DayDestination CountryWeek DayTotal Days in Transit **
Ireland5Lithuania45-6 days
Austria2-5Lithuania4-13 days
Benelux Countries2-5Lithuania4-13 days
Great Britain5Lithuania24-5 days
Italy5Lithuania24-5 days
Germany2-5Lithuania4-13 days
Lithuania5Ireland45-6 days
Lithuania5Austria24 days
Lithuania5Benelux Countries24 days
Lithuania5Great Britain34-5 days
Lithuania5Italy34-5 days
Lithuania5Germany23-4 days

*Shipping terms for full load shipments can be negotiated
**The provided shipping schedules mean shipping from terminal to terminal. Another 28 to 48 hours are required for delivery/ collection services in Lithuania or abroad.


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